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  • 超模张瑜开场压轴领闭ELITIE, 火石群模54套LOOK尽时装之敬 ...

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    Paras,一个来自印尼的词语,意指火山之巅的热石,以此象征火石在时尚前沿永远燃烧的热力与激情。2002年,火石文化(Paras Talent Management)于上海创办,力争打造全球时尚产业人才与服务平台的中国优质品牌。通过不断整合国际资源,结合全新业界趋势和合作伙伴,火石文化将时尚人才挖掘、训练、经纪等管理服务不断提升至国际专业标准。为客户培养和推送大批优质职业模特、秀导、摄影师、造型师等业界艺术人才,推动中国文化时尚产业趋于专业化的发展。

    自成立至今,火石文化不断突破固有运营模式,形成集品牌项目策划运营、线下整合营销、媒体公关策略等多项服务于一体的时尚产业链,提供一站式综合性文化创意服务即平台整合增值服务。以雄厚的实力连续承办拥有20余年历史的IMC上海国际模特大赛、中国国际服装服饰博览会(CHIC SHOWS),并于2015年创新策划IKMC国际少儿模特大赛及KIDS WEAR上海时装周童装发布,为海内外优秀童装设计师和品牌提供聚焦媒体、提升形象的展示机会,推动全球儿童时尚行业的发展。

    Paras, a word from Indonesia, refers to the hot stone at the top of the volcano, which symbolizes the heat and passion of Paras is burning at the top of the fashion industry. In 2002, Paras Talent Management was founded in Shanghai. It strives to create a leading Chinese platform for talent and services in the global fashion industry. By constantly integrating international resources, combining the latest industrial trends and co-operating with advanced partners, Paras has driven its entire industrial supply chain up to the international standard. Apart from cultivating, training and exporting fashion talents, Paras always keep its professionals to serve and manage the fashion industry. It has explored and developed many outstanding casting directors, photographers and stylists for its clients, which lead the Chinese culture and fashion industry towards specialization and high-end.

    Besides, Paras Training was founded in 2009. With high standard of professionalism, it has trained many new generation supermodels who has great fashion influence and market competitiveness. After more than 10 years of development and improvement, Paras Training has become the cradle for models to realize their dream of stages. In order to let more people have access to the fashion field, Paras has also established a model school - ParaS Star Training in 2017. It has  many course for everyone aged from five to take. In the meantime of teaching stage performance, acting, make-ups and body etiquette, ParaS Star Training also offering opportunities for students to participate catwalk shows, magazines and advertising photography, film and television drama performances and other professional experiences. Which truly let the students to practice what they have learnt in classes and know how to apply the knowledge. With our growing living standard, the aspiration of ParaS Star Training is to devote to improve the artistic taste and aesthetic quality of all the people who loves fashion.


    Since its establishment, Paras always seek to innovate from the industry's connatural operation model. It integrated vertically, which forms project planning and operating, off-line marketing, social media strategy and etc. into a coherent supply chain. And this has made Paras became an one-stop comprehensive platform to create greater value-added services for the industry. With our strong strength, Paras continuously undertaking Shanghai International Model Contest for over 20 years now. In 2015, we have also launched our IKMC International Kids Model Contest and KIDS WEAR Shanghai Kids Fashion Week. It provided opportunities for domestic and foreign children's garment designers and brands to attract medias and attentions, in order to improve their publicity and brand image. Overall, KIDS WEAR has push forwarded the global children's fashion industry.

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