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    Products are mainly exported to the United States, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Brazil, Russia, South Korea and other countries.


    Slip On Flange



    Export experience







    Our company specializes in the production and sales of flanges and fittings.


    Products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, shipping, pipeline engineering and other industrial industries

    Shanxi Jindingtai Metals Co.,Ltd

    Specializing in flange, pipe parts production and sales. The company has obtained ISO9001:2015 quality system certification and PED certificate issued by German TÜV, and the production and management are carried out in strict accordance with this standard. The company has branches in Shanghai, Beijing and taiyuan, and has signed many international agents around the world. Products are mainly sold to the United States, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Brazil, Russia, South Korea and other countries.

    We have an excellent team, each member is experienced in their own field, they are customer-oriented, to provide the best solution for the industrial field. The company through advanced and perfect testing equipment, as well as strict quality management system to ensure first-class quality. It can supply 10,000 tons of flange and 8,000 tons of pipe fittings annually. At present, our products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, Marine pipeline engineering and other industrial industries.

    Our confidence comes from the high quality of our products. From fine service, from competitive price. We will continue to serve industry and expand our business globally. To add value for customers and to cooperate with them happily is our greatest pursuit. We always welcome your inquiries and wise Suggestions.

    Seiko quality, craftsmanship casting.

    Company culture

    Process flow

    Adhering to the pursuit of excellence, excellence craftsman spirit

    Qualification certificate

    Innovation leads development and science and technology make the future

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